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Mathematics Department

SDH Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department of Mount Hagen Secondary School is responsible for the teaching of all Mathematics based content in the school. All of our staff are well qualified, with all department members being degree holders, with many of our staff holding further qualifications in Mathematics, Engineering, Computing and Electronics.

The department is well stocked with textbooks, although our staff usually prepare their own tailor-made notes for their classes. We have a large range of practical resources such as: dice and counters for probability, clinometers and trundle wheels for trigonometry, Mathematics Activity Tiles (MATS), attribute blocks and Polydron for 2D/3D shape and space. The department also owns an extensive collection of resources to use with the Interactive Whiteboards we have in the school.

Our goal is to encourage the development of mathematical skills in our students using a concrete, experiential approach to teaching and learning.

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Henry Gordon

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