Social Science

The Social Science Disciples come under the school of humanities. There are many courses under the discipline of Social Sciences but in this Institution, the following subjects are offered. They are;

1. History

2. Geography                                                    These are offered to the Grade 11s & 12s.

3. Legal Studies

4. General Social sciences offered to the grades 9 & 10 which are mostly to do with the study of how people interact with each other in their various communities.

More than half of the senior students in this institution take up Social Science courses.

Most of the Social Issues like World Environment Day, Independence Day etc… are organised and celebrated in this institution by this Department.


The Department is comprised of 8 teachers and they all have Bachelor Degree from the University Of Goroka. They are;

2. Mr Tom Kotupi---- He is one of the two SSMs in the department and helps the HOD. HE teaches Legal Studies to the grade 11s & 12s.

4. Mr Pias Nop---- He is also a very senior teacher and teaches Grade 10s general Social Sciences.

5. Mr Henry Gordon--- He is the Head of another department but teaches Geography to the Grade 11s.

6. Mrs Anna Matthew Sau--- She is a junior officer and teaches grade 10s General Social sciences as well.

7. Mrs Evodia Gesau--- She is also a junior officer and teaches grade 9s general social sciences.

8. Mr Ismael Stanley--- He is also a junior office and teaches grade 9s general social sciences.