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David Ogles

B/TEC Nat Dip Engineering (Cardiff Met), BEd (University of Chichester, UK)

I usually teach Advanced Mathematics and Computing / ICT but have taught Science, Physics and Home Economics in my 25 years in PNG. I'm keen to see increased use of technology by both staff and students. I manage the ICDL Test Centre for the school. I'm from Wales in the UK and have taught in Papua New Guinea for more than twenty five years.

Using this page students can access appropriate materials for my classes, and contact me. This is a work in progress but will always provide links to my latest course materials.

You can follow these links to find more resources, notes videos and pictures from my classes.

Advanced Mathematics is a demanding subject in terms of time, effort and commitment as well as intellect, aptitude and self-discipline. This is made clear in the Upper secondary Syllabus for Advanced Mathematics

"This syllabus is designed for students with a special interest in Mathematics who have shown that they posses a special aptitude for the subject. It represents a distinctly high level in school mathematics..." (Advanced Mathematics Syllabus - Upper Secondary 2009, NDOE)

"Advanced Mathematics requires a high level of English competency. Students need to be fluent in reading, writing and speaking English..." (Advanced Mathematics Syllabus - Upper Secondary 2009, NDOE)

Each year over 100 students apply to take Advanced Mathematics in Mount Hagen Secondary School. The Mathematics Department only permit 50 students to take Advanced Mathematics. Only those students who show the skills, aptitude and attitude necessary to the study of Advanced Mathematics will be entered into the subject. Students who wish to study at the Advanced Mathematics level should keep the following requirements in mind:

  1. Students will normally be expected to have achieved Credit or Distinction grades in all of their grade ten subjects. (students who do well in English, Maths and Science but poorly in other subjects do not, in my opinion, show the dedication, commitment and consistency necessary to study Advanced Mathematics.)
  2. Grade 11 students are expected to place in the top 25% of the grade, at the end of term 1, in all subjects, to be considered to have shown the attitude, aptitude and commitment necessary to the study of Advanced Mathematics. (Students who have "already decided" what subjects they will take are frequently rejected for a lack of commitment and academic consistency when they skip or make no effort in other subjects)
  3. Students are expected to score +60% in their DAT tests at the start of grade 11. We are especially interested in students who score highly in Abstract Reasoning (AR), Mechanical Aptitude (MA) and Spacial Relationships (SR). Low scores in these areas often reflect in poor performances in the subject irrespective of the GSA of a student.
  4. Students that show an indifference to school routines, rules or their studies will not be accepted into Advanced Mathematics. Students with poor attendance records, failure to submit assignments or homework, who skip lessons or have any disciplinary record do nor show the discipline or attitude necessary to study Advanced Mathematics.

Remember that when you are accepted into Advanced Mathematics, this is just the beginning: every student must demonstrate the necessary aptitude, attitude, commitment and discipline throughout the two years of study. Students need to be aware that you will be expected to complete a minimum of 5 to 10 hours of individual study each week, over and above the timetabled periods.