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Carol Tom

I Miss Carol Tom, I graduated from University of Goroka with B.ED (mathematics & Physics). I’m from Western Highlands Province. This is my second year of teaching. I teach Grade 11 General Mathematics and grade 9 mathematics. I love teaching mathematics and it’s all about applying and playing with numbers.
Carol Tom

Teaching is like I am a facelator or a helper and a parent at the same time.  It’s fun and interesting when putting yourself in the shoes of those young ones and that it keeps your mind active like a child.  The students themselves are funny and   important at same time. Funny in a sense that they do the wrong things at the wrong time. For instance, not being in classroom during lessons and get confuse when time comes for test and exams. Important in a sense that they are the parents and family’s hope.

It’s really interesting teaching students from different backgrounds.  Some from the well-off family’s others from the poor families.   A part from teaching mathematics, I have chance to speak to students with different problem that sometimes affects their studies. They share with me just to seek peace and hope for their future. It’s my joy and pleasure to meet different students each year so I can be a friend and a role model to many.

 A teacher is only happy as the least student happy.  As a teacher, you live, breath and sacrifice for the well-being of a student.   Teachers pride comes from student’s success.