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Cathy Goimba

Name: Cathy W. Goimba

Qualifications gained:     - Bachelor of Education – Technical (DBTI) - PNG

    - Diploma in Electronics Technology (DBTI) - PNG

Home Province: WHP

Class Matron: 12D

My specialized subjects to teach are Computing / ICT and Mathematics. I am now teaching Gr. 11 and Gr. 12 Computing/ ICT. I am also an Accredited Tester with ICDL Asia which our school is registered to under Mr. Ogles management. Teaching computing is challenging but at the same time it’s fun and enjoyable when I’m acquiring new skills and techniques as technology is changing.

My major field of specialization is Electronics and minor in mathematics but I was given the privilege to teach Computing during my first year of teaching and this has brought many challenges but gradually I began to realise that computing is fun and enjoyable as I am venturing into ICT world.

The school has a multimedia classroom and three computer laboratories fully equipped with 30 computers and all these are connected to one main server. These laboratories are all connected to the internet with the help of Telicom Foundation introducing the internet library.

With the internet connection and meeting the standard requirement we are successfully registered to ICDL Asia as an accredited Testing Center in the country. Our current Gr.11 classes

Teaching Computing is a challenging subject because students comes in different backgrounds where few have seen and used computer at home and the vast majority are first time users.