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Elisa Bonny

Personal Information

I Ms Elisa Bonny am from Chimbu Province. I completed my Secondary education at Kerowagi Secondary School from 2004-2007. From 2008-2011 I went for further studies at the University of Goroka. I was majoring Language & Literature and minoring Business Studies, especially Economics. In 2012, I had a tough year; thereby I had to complete one more module and actually did graduate in 2013.

In my first and second year of teaching I taught at Asaroka Lutheran Secondary School. Having being a new graduate to the field, I found out that teaching is interesting, seeking new knowledge and is requires one person’s commitment and dedication towards the profession. As we all say: “Teaching is a noble professional.’’

When I first came to Mt Hagen Secondary School, it was totally different from the first school that I taught. I was really under pressure but eventually I was able to adapt to the system in place. Even though, there are challenges and struggles ahead of me, I learned a lot and willing to learn more.

Subject Taught: English & Business Studies (Lower Grade)
Brief Description:

English is a Language that is adapted to our education system for universal learning. I enjoyed teaching English because we teach grammar, literature, phonics etc.… Since English is an acquired language, we have to start from the basics to the complex. Having taught the subject, I found out that students cannot construct a simple sentence using the required