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Hazel Kotupi


Language & Literature
I am from East Sepik Province but am residing in Mount Hagen city currently.

I graduated at the University of Goroka in March 2012 with a Bachelor Degree in Education and also started my teaching career in that same year. I have been teaching for almost three years. I have spent two years which are 2013-2014 to teach at Mount Hagen Secondary School in The Western Highlands.

I am one of the Subject Teacher in the Language and Literature Department and have been teaching Language and Literature since I started my teaching career. Currently, I am teaching Language & Literature to three Grade Eleven classes which are 11A, 11B, & 11C. I also teach Language & Literature in Grade 9, 10 and even 12 at times.

Being part of Mount Hagen Secondary School as one of the teaching staff here seemed great because it’s one of the top schools in the country in terms of the outstanding academic performance of students over the years. It’s also challenging at times to work in an environment where there a lot of students who have different backgrounds’ and also attitudes and behaviours coming and staying together in one place for the purpose of getting educated. Nevertheless, I learnt a lot of good things when I came to work in Mount Hagen Secondary School. Working in cooperation with the colleagues as well as with the students has taught me that teaching is not only seen as a profession to me; However, I am also learning a lot of new things when teaching in this wonderful environment.