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Hellen Koim

Personal DevelopmentI have certificate in Teaching Primary and a Diploma in Teaching Secondary. I’ve also attained an Advance Diploma in Teaching Secondary in Mathematics from UOG. This is fourth year of teaching in Mt. Hagen Secondary School. Mount Hagen Secondary is a role model school with high achievements which I find comfortable and challenging at the same time.

Currently I’m teaching grade 10 and Gr. 11 Personal Development (PD) Grade 10 PD is examinable while Grade 11 PD its just an enrichment subject. There are three subjects integrated into PD. These are Health, Physical Education and Guidance. In the teaching of PD we also have excursions and guest speakers.

There are Gr. 10 and Gr. 11 Teachers Guide and Syllabus under lower and Upper Secondary which I’m using to do the termly programs and brief day books to teach. There also access of supportive materials to teach from in the department and there is a department office allocated for that.

The students’ general personality, attitude and the characters towards their learning and approaches towards the staff and the administration is quite pleasing and it is a clear, direct result of effective personal development teaching and learning.