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Ismael Stanley

Ismael Stanley

MR. ISMAEL STANLEY (B/Ed) University of Goroka

                                         Social Science: History, Geography



I Mr. Ismael Stanley specialized in Geography, History and Legal Studies but currently teaching grade 9 Social Science 2014. I lay much interest in my subject due to much new knowledge discovered with the students particularly on social aspects. I am 25 years old and have joined the teaching force this year (2014). I am a Western Highlander (Papua New Guinean). I born to a family of five members, three girls and two boys in which I’m the second born. I really enjoy this profession because it deals with human beings who response accordingly with, actions and sounds making all stress and loneliness gone.



Social Science in lower secondary school is one of the compulsory subjects that students take that will be examined at the end of year ten. There are total of 8 grade 9 classes ranging from 9A to 9H with a maximum of 75 students to a class. T have total of nearly 450 grade 9 students who are taking up social Science (2014).

The subject itself is quit lengthy in terms of notes but because cooperate attentively to the lesson, I find it easier to disseminate the lessons accordingly. The subject involves 80% theory and 20% practically. The practical involves presentations, games, debate and other related activities while theory covers exercises, tests, exams etc…

Some of the importance social science adhered to the Students Education

1.       Enhance students to gain confident when doing presentations in front of people and classmates

2.       Developing self-learning skills with less teacher intervention

3.       Expend their writing skills

4.       Develop skills of collecting quick information

5.       Develop skills to explain, debate, reaffirm or oppose with others

The lessons are taught according to the term programs and unit plans prior to the syllabus of the lower secondary (copies are attached).  Supplementary information’s that are necessary are extracted from internet, library and other related books.  

I use mostly student cantered lesson because it helps students to do and remember rather that copy and forget. Many students developed their interest and have seen big improvement. In this subject the assessment component are:


1.       Tests

2.       Assessment, Projects and Presentations

3.       Quiz

4.       End of term Exams

Tests are given after every unit approximately 5 to 6 tests in a terms assignments and end of term exam is of no acceptation. While teaching Social Science, I gave seen bigger competition amongst students and even teachers teaching social science. If anyone wants to know more on Social Science , feel free to asks on my email address given.


Thank you and by for now