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Kiage Wayamo

I love teaching and teaching is my life! Here in Hagen Sec., I teach English to Grade 12 students. Sometimes I teach Geography when need arises.  I have taught for five years in this place and I am also Head of the English Department.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Education attained from the University of Goroka specialized to teach Geography and Language and Literature. I have taught for sixteen years. Currently I am the Head of the Language and Literature Department at MHSS. I have been appointed Head in 2012.  I teach Grade 12 English but quite often fill in for any other English Department teacher who needs to go for leave which is frequent.

I am married to a policeman by the name of Alex Kali Wayamo. That’s where I got my last name from. We have been married for a long sixteen years and have two sons. He lives and works in Goroka and I in Mt Hagen. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, they say. I believe that.

That’s that and I fear GOD above all things.