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Stanley Timbi

Stanley Timbi
Stanley Timbi

Mathematics and Design & Technology
I was graduated early this year (2014) with a Bachelor of Education in Secondary teaching at the University of Goroka. When accepted to do my first teaching in this premier institution, I was given Grade 10 practical skills and Grade 9 Mathematics. It’s good dealing with human beings as this profession is a noble profession. I like teaching…Thumbs up

As a new kid on the block, I am more than happy to join this profession and without regret and hesitation I am. I am happy that I am a teacher now and this is simply because I am in one way or the other contributing meaningfully to the development of this beautiful country-PNG.

I therefore with honour and gratitude, would like to say here that teaching profession is the only profession that is producing other professions. Then these other professions are running the show for the country. The Source? is the TEACHER.

 It’s all about knowledge and this knowledge is coming from a simple and humble classroom teacher like you and me. Happy are those who called to be teachers. Regardless of our hardships, thumbs up for this noble profession. Still ok, just believe in it!