Welcome to the Students & Parents pages for Mount Hagen Secondary School.

The fundamental purpose of our school is to educate the young men and women that are entrusted to our care and to prepare them for life post Secondary School. Whilst much emphasis and time is given over to academic programmes, it must be understood that for your student to achieve favourable outcomes, a multitude of other factors must also be taken into account.

A student needs to be committed, hard-working, honest, reliable, punctual, respectful etc. A parent or guardian has a responsibility to ensure that they support their student financially of course, but more importantly to monitor, nurture and instil those skills, character and attitudes that will enable your child to excel.

Below, we have listed some of the duties and responsibilities of the school, the student and the parents. As you can see, only if these three work in harmony together can we all reach our fullest potential.

Responsibilities of:

The School...

  • has a responsibility to provide a safe, healthy and stimulating educational environment.
  • is responsible for ensuring that teachers' prepare appropriate, stimulating lessons and that the appropriate curriculum is offered and completed in good time.
  • is required to nurture the academic, moral, social, spiritual and physical development of every student.

The Student...

The Parent...